Communications, PR, Investor Relations

Eva and I share the office space in Zurich at Seefeldstrasse 88 and deputise each other:

Eva Kalias 

MBA, M.Sc. in Biochemistry


Eva advises corporate clients from various industries on their corporate and financial communications needs; from strategic concepts to specific operational projects. These encompass the full spectrum of corporate communications, investor relations with various degrees of complexity (experience in M&A transactions, spin-offs, multiple cases of managing emergencies and ad-hoc publicity).





Communications, PR, Marketing, Social Media, Website Content Management

Asta and I worked together amongst others at Ernst & Young and Swiss Life in the areas Communications and Marketing:

Asta Breitenmoser 

MAS in Writing & Corporate Publishing, BBA in International Business


After finishing her studies in the USA and in Germany, Asta kicked-off her professional career in the fields of communication, PR and marketing in Zurich in 2004. Her superpower: pinpoint texts for print, online and social media. Combined with an eye for design and layout, compelling and target-group-specific articles, websites, social media profiles and posts evolve in the twinkling of an eye. Thematically, Asta skillfully covers a wide range of topics from the financial sector over pharma and healthcare to technology and even lifestyle. 





Incentive- and Event Manager, PR, Communications

Eva and I know each other from Swiss Re, where we worked together in group-wide projects:

Eva Corinne Kiefer 

Certified PR-Manager


Eva is a dedicated incentive- and event manager. 2008, she decided to turn her passion into a company that caters to the needs of its clients with care and professionalism.


Her analytical method of working, timely delivery and fluency in several languages together with her love for people and different cultures are the perfect mix for professionally executed incentive trips and corporate events.





Agency for Visual Communication, Advertising and Design

Peter was recommended to me by a good friend. We share the passion to create ideal positioning options for companies:

Peter Franchi 

Peter (Pit) Franchi studied graphic design at the College of Art and Design in Lucerne. As a committed service provider, he has run his own agency FRANCHI design.identity since 1996. Pit and his team advise national and international companies in visual communication. With a focus on visual identity, branding and the design of print media, he ensures the appropriate and successful appearance for companies and products. Pit puts his heart and soul into creation and design, so his creativity does not end after work. In his spare time he designs dingis or gets inspired by his


Copywriting & Editing

Hanspeter and I have known each other since 2007. We are a well-rehearsed team and focus on producing concise, accurate and balanced content.

Hanspeter Frey 

In 1980 Hanspeter Frey started his career as a financial journalist at «Finanz und Wirtschaft» (FuW). From 1986 to 1987 he acted as a correspondent for FuW in New York. Back in Zurich, he expanded the international department as head of foreign affairs, managed a project for a financial radio station and was in charge as final editor. At the beginning of the 2000's Hanspeter was appointed to deputy editor-in-chief. In the last years prior to his retirement in 2019, he worked as an editor in the markets department and was responsible for all supplements of the newspaper. Hanspeter Frey remains true to his genre and continues to work as a freelancer.




Copywriting & Editing

Manfred and I have worked together since 2011, when he was editor at Finanz und Wirtschaft:

Manfred Kröller 

Studied economics (minor in journalism) in Mainz


Freelance financial journalist, worked until retirement in November 2018 as an editor for markets at Finanz und Wirtschaft (FuW). Prior to that, Manfred was an Investment and Ghost Writer at UBS in Zurich and before, he worked as a business editor in Munich, respectively as a business correspondent in Milan for the German news agency VWD (Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste).





Communications, Marketing, Strategy, Brand Licensing, Change Management

Heinz and I know each other from the joint postgraduate program Executive Master of Science in Communications Management (EMScom) at the University of Lugano:

Heinz Brodbeck 

MBA, EMScom, Dr (DBA Strathclyde University)

Silvia and I exchange thoughts and views on topics such as general management, governance, strategy, marketing, brand licensing & change. I have held leadership positions in many lines of businesses, functions, organisational forms. Furthermore, I have set up a marketing company for an international group with a global brand management. My approach to concept development is pragmatic and many years of experience in the implementation of strategies have made my proposals more practical. I could act as a career coach & sparring partner for strategy discussions. 






Geri and I know each other from various photo-shootings:

Geri Krischker

Geri has been working as a professional photographer for more than 27 years. He started his career as a «Concerned Photographer» with a long-term focus. His international reports have been published in the 'Neue Zürcher Zeitung' (NZZ), 'Schweizer Familie' and 'Die Zeit', among others. Since 1990 he has been focusing on corporate and portrait photography. His customers include well-known Swiss and international companies. Geri's works have been also subject of various exhibits, such as the recent exhibition on the subject of «perception» at the KKLB Beromünster. He lives in Baden and has his photo studio in Zurich.